Obstetrical Complication Clinic

The Obstetric Complications Clinic (OBCC) is a part of UAB's Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM). It is one of two high-risk referral centers in the state. The clinic meets five days a week and provides high-risk obstetrical care as well as care coordination services, nutrition services, diabetic education, ultrasound, targeted ultrasound for suspected/known fetal anomalies, and antenatal FHR testing.

The Obstetric Complications Clinic accepts referrals from Health Care Providers (HCP) from throughout the state of Alabama. We accept referrals for total pregnancy and delivery care. We also offer consult visits and continued care by the referring HCP and co-management of care with the referring HCP.

Criteria for referral are in accordance with ACOG's Guidelines for Perinatal Care and include insulin dependent diabetes, chronic hypertension, renal disease, cardiac disease, HIV infection, pulmonary disease and fetal indications.

Each clinic is staffed with a team consisting of Maternal Fetal Medicine subspecialists and fellows, senior OB/GYN residents and CRNPs.

The UAB Obstetrical Complications Clinic (OBCC) Clinical Practice Guidelines were created to aid practitioners in the UAB health system complex in providing quality health care to the pregnant patient and her fetus. The guidelines are not meant to mandate an exclusive course of care in either our system or any other, nor to preclude the individualization of care that is frequently necessary. Although we have tried to ensure that medication dosages are accurately presented in these guidelines, we in no way guarantee this, and we disclaim any responsibility for errors or omissions in either medication information or treatment plans contained herein. These guidelines cannot substitute for individual practitioner judgment, training, experience, and education.

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