Directions to the OB Clinics
Guidelines for Inpatient Obstetric Rounds and Charting (sample progress notes and abbreviations)
Presentation and Progress Note Template  (pdf file)

OB Clinics

Students will have the opportunity to rotate through various obstetric clinics, seeing low-risk patients in the UAB Outreach Prenatal Clinics as well as high-risk patients in the OB Complications Clinic (OBCC), and Ultrasound Clinics.

The UAB Outreach prenatal clinics provide good opportunities to become proficient in routine antepartum evaluation and management, measuring fundal height, finding FHTs by doppler, and providing preventive care and patient education. This is done primarily under the supervision of certified nurse midwives and nurse practitioners.

In the OBCC, Genetics, 1st Trimester Ultrasound, and Anomalies clinics, students will learn about the management of high risk obstetric problems, prenatal diagnosis, obstetric complications, and medical complications that co-exist with pregnancy. Remember that these patients and their families are often extremely anxious due to pregnancy complications - therefore, it is best NOT to ask questions directly in front of the patient.  Please be certain to address any unanswered questions with the attending or resident between patients and after clinic.



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